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NHS National Staff Survey

Staff at HPFT have scored highest for motivation and engagement in the National Staff Survey for the second year running. We know that if our staff have a good experience at work then our service users will also have a better experience. So the results of this survey impact directly on the people we support.

HPFT staff achieved scores that were the national best compared with other mental health and learning disability trusts. They were:

  • Staff motivation and engagement (national best in 2015 also)
  • Staff training , development and appraisals

Several of our other scores were also close to the national best including:

  • Staff satisfaction with the quality of work and care they are able to deliver
  • Agreeing their role makes a difference
  • Contributing to improvements at work

Our staff are also strong advocates for the Trust and the care that it provides. Seventy per cent of HPFT staff agreed  that: “If a friend or relative needed treatment, I would be happy with the standard of care provided by this organisation.”  This is an increase of five per cent on the 2015 survey and above the national average of 59%. Staff also believe that the Trust puts the people using its services  first with nearly 80% of staff agreed that service users are the organisation’s top priority.

A total of 511 HPFT staff took part in the confidential survey which was conducted by the Picker Institute between September and December 2016. The survey is recognised as an important way of gathering feedback from staff to drive service improvements in the NHS. The Care Quality Commission will use the results to help make sure essential safety and quality standards are met.

Please click here to see the full results for HPFT.

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